The Committee, led by Treasurer Kevin Quigley, has undertaken a revision of the rules which govern the operation of the Melbourne Athenaeum. These were last revised and registered in 2007.

The outcome is a draft set of rules which are comprehensive, easy to read, compliant with current legislation and reflective of current practices. Members will have an opportunity to raise any questions about these draft rules at the AGM, which will take place in the Library at 1pm on 17 April.
You can read an annotated version of these draft rules by clicking here and can view the current approved rules by clicking here



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Library Photos by Grace Petrou


  • 1940 Brochure
  • Melbourne Athenaeum Library 1970
  • Melbourne Athenaeum Library 1957
  • Art Gallery circa 1920

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  • Musical Interludes in the Library
  • Musical Interludes in the Library
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